Surf Café, Tynemouth

Had an excellent night at the Surf Café, the reaction from the crowd massively gratifying and these folk clearly know a great Queen cover when they hear it, ha! It was voted the best independent live music venue in the North east a week later by the Chronicle: coincidence or no? You decide. But go check

Social media

Come find us on Facebook HERE -or link at bottom of this page-  if you haven’t already, ‘like’ us, talk to us, we get bored easily..and we’ve joined Instagram us something to do in the car… find us under ‘icenimusic’ and while you’re there, go to the bottom of this page and join us on

Smiths of Spittlefield

We went dahn sarf to play as part of a night hosted by  promo company, Absent Kelly. After a great evening of music we headed to do some karaoke somewhere around Waterloo. Slightly less great music but much entertainment. We sobered up enough the next day to go to Brixton to pay homage to David Bowie

Woodlands festival, Namsos

The town of Namsos has a week long music festival every year and we were very pleased to be invited to play at the Kulture Haus- great venue and some really interesting acts on the bill; some  jazz, some spectacular trad musicians and more. Hoping to be asked back to play ‘Rock City’ hotel next year,

Tolkien Weekend

We played a gig in the New Castle for ‘Time and tide’ event company. Playing in the chapel of the 12 century building, we don’t know if they had considered this at the point of build but as well as being well fortified, the acoustics were excellent..

Oxford trip

We’ve had a jaunt to Oxford to play at the Wheatsheaf ; great gig and some rowdy folk! We like that. And there were cream teas a-plenty and the Pitt Rivers museum. If you haven’t been, go. A better collection of shrunken heads you may never find.

Edinburgh trip

Edinburgh has many delights and now it has us! Dead cultured that we are, have narrowly avoided being electrocuted on stage in Darlington, we’ve come north to sing, listen to poetry, comedy and be cultured while behaving recklessly…

Loft Studios

As much as recording is a time consuming process it now appears that the thing that’s taken over all our concentration between takes is playing pool. Nothing like four people pretending to not be deeply competitive over a competitive game. There my be bloodshed before the end of the week. Its so not about the

Boiler shop Steamer

The Boiler Shop Steamer is always a great gig and this was no expectation, never mind the large and enthusiastic crowd, the massive variety of drinks and food on offer-coffee martini please-theres open fires everywhere from all the kitchens giving the whole place a smoky, indoor but outdoor feel. Like glamping with better lighting.

Loft Studios

We’ve been sweating over our creative anvils for weeks and consequently have taken all our ideas into the studio for days to arrange, re arrange, re think, change our minds completely then revert to our original decisions all while drinking more tea than even we thought humanly possible in the name of bringing the world our début album. You lucky