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Cancelled ‘Star and Shadow’ Gig

Due to Caroline running to the hills and our lovely dep drummer, Tariq heading to Brazil unexpectedly (wanted for a crime he didnt commit perhaps? ) we have decided to bow out of this one but we shall be out with Paul Jeans on the 12th, details to follow…

Driven Serious @ Star & Shadow

A night of upbeat, energetic powerful, unique and critically acclaimed bands. Including Punk Folk, Reggae and epic, bold and compelling pop! We’ll be supporting Driven Serious at the Star & Shadow on 5th October. Driven Serious – Fans recently described their performance as ‘F**k You Folk.’ Their intense energy, emotion, genuineness and fun always engage

EP LAUNCH @ Nancy’s Bordello

Having now paid for other band essentials – speeding tickets, camping equipment and a leopard print teapot amongst other things – we have pooled the rest of our resources into making a record. To celebrate this organisational feat, we are having a free party at Nancy’s Bordello on 12th July. There might even be vol-au-vents…

ICENI @ Mouth of the Tyne Festival

So we’re playing at the Mouth of the Tyne festival on the 14th of July; but to put it another way, in our heads, we’re supporting Aswad and the Wonder Stuff. I fecking love ‘Don’t turn around’… If our laptop was a more convivial and usable machine,we’d be giving out ticket prices and so forth