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Loft Studios

As much as recording is a time consuming process it now appears that the thing that’s taken over all our concentration between takes is playing pool. Nothing like four people pretending to not be deeply competitive over a competitive game. There my be bloodshed before the end of the week. Its so not about the

Loft Studios

We’ve been sweating over our creative anvils for weeks and consequently have taken all our ideas into the studio for days to arrange, re arrange, re think, change our minds completely then revert to our original decisions all while drinking more tea than even we thought humanly possible in the name of bringing the world our début album. You lucky

NARC Download

Thanks to the folk at NARC magazine, you can listen to the first offering from our forthcoming album along with new tracks from the Unthanks, Smoove and Turrell, Goy Boy Mcllroy, Peculiar Disco Moves and more. Tunes to dance to, brood to, be confused by and sing along with. Our cups runneth over. Not in an

‘VAN’ on BBC Introducing

We thought we’d share a acoustic track recorded in the summer as part of a radio broadcast for ICEMI Christmas number. Needless to say, it contains no mention of Christmas.. Go to the Soundcloud link at the bottom of this page for the benefit of your ears. God bless us, everyone!

We speak! They write..

We’ve been interviewed by a couple of online reviewers and blogs recently- ‘Zap Bang Magazine’ & ‘One Stop record shop’. Whoo woulda thought you can waffle on so extensively when asked the most moderate of questions? We’ve been talking about our single ‘Drive’, our nocturnal habits and our private jet. Although I dont think they

Our single ‘Drive’ has been been robustly and thoughtfully reviewed by two blogs- Mark Barton’s ‘The Sunday Experience’ & ‘Aural delights’, we’re very pleased with both ;but the phrase  ‘ ..-the delightful canter of Brontean key pirouette’ from the Sunday Experience is a thing to treasure! Aural delights say ‘To describe it as pop misses

ICENI on i(ceni)tunes

Man (and when I say ‘man’, I mean ‘woman’ as well before we get pedantic) has been restlessly inventive since the dawn of time. Stealing fire from whatever Gods were available, re-creating the animals that surrounded him in charcoal on the walls of  caves, inventing the wheel, metal work, agriculture and sadly, eventually, banking systems.

NARC demo of the month

The nice people at NARC magazine have decided that our single ‘Trail of Dead’ is the best thing wot they’ve heard all month and have awarded us ‘Demo of the month’. It’s a single really, but who’s splitting hairs when they described it as …’All pounding piano and bold brassy vocals that tread a line

‘Trail of Dead’ out NOW.

We’re excited to announce the release of our latest track ‘Trail of Dead’  available for your auditory pleasure over on Soundcloud. “The powerful drums especially those Toms are ever present in this track from ICENI. The vocal lead and harmony do remind me of a certain band from the 90s. We love it” – Nerdy