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Edinburgh trip

Edinburgh has many delights and now it has us! Dead cultured that we are, have narrowly avoided being electrocuted on stage in Darlington, we’ve come north to sing, listen to poetry, comedy and be cultured while behaving recklessly…

Loft Studios

As much as recording is a time consuming process it now appears that the thing that’s taken over all our concentration between takes is playing pool. Nothing like four people pretending to not be deeply competitive over a competitive game. There my be bloodshed before the end of the week. Its so not about the

ICENI on i(ceni)tunes

Man (and when I say ‘man’, I mean ‘woman’ as well before we get pedantic) has been restlessly inventive since the dawn of time. Stealing fire from whatever Gods were available, re-creating the animals that surrounded him in charcoal on the walls of ┬ácaves, inventing the wheel, metal work, agriculture and sadly, eventually, banking systems.