Loft Studios

We’ve been sweating over our creative anvils for weeks and consequently have taken all our ideas into the studio for days to arrange, re arrange, re think, change our minds completely then revert to our original decisions all while drinking more tea than even we thought humanly possible in the name of bringing the world our début album. You lucky people!

The good people at the Loft studios have (partly cos we gave them a bunch of cash) let us squawk in their booths and bang on their toms, in between playing on their pool table and reaching almost toxic levels of PG tips consumption. Assisted by the permanently chipper yet meticulously scrupulous Julien – who in turn has been assisted by ICENI towers own C.E.O , Chaplin; see picture- we can’t wait to unleash the fruits of our labour on the world! If you can’t wait, you can hear the first song of the forthcoming album here.