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Smiths of Spittlefield

We went dahn sarf to play as part of a night hosted by  promo company, Absent Kelly. After a great evening of music we headed to do some karaoke somewhere around Waterloo. Slightly less great music but much entertainment. We sobered up enough the next day to go to Brixton to pay homage to David Bowie

Cancelled ‘Star and Shadow’ Gig

Due to Caroline running to the hills and our lovely dep drummer, Tariq heading to Brazil unexpectedly (wanted for a crime he didnt commit perhaps? ) we have decided to bow out of this one but we shall be out with Paul Jeans on the 12th, details to follow…

Driven Serious @ Star & Shadow

A night of upbeat, energetic powerful, unique and critically acclaimed bands. Including Punk Folk, Reggae and epic, bold and compelling pop! We’ll be supporting Driven Serious at the Star & Shadow on 5th October. Driven Serious – Fans recently described their performance as ‘F**k You Folk.’ Their intense energy, emotion, genuineness and fun always engage